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Married with a young son, and treated badly

Now my parents decided that when my in laws or husband will come here for me, then they will ask for divorce. After all when he has not proven ever a husband nor ever fulfill my requirements, then there is no need to stay with him for whole life. I cannot live without him as I love him so much.

Troubled with materialistic in laws

I am frightened that whenever he will get settled they will force him to call them here to live with us.

I hate his family – they treat me so badly

I’ve sacrified my free time, my friends and even my family to make them my priority but I’m just nothing to them.

Dreaming about my husband, although he has left me

I don’t know what this dream means. He removed me from the house; in short I am a victim of domestic violence. My in-laws also don’t like me.

My husband and I are trying to work on our marriage, but his ex-wife still lives with his parents

I don’t want to give up on my marriage… but I worry what my children are learning from this.