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My sister is sinning, what can I do

I know Allah keeps our own sins hidden for us, but my sister isn’t even religious and she won’t seek forgiveness.

Sinful Past

My partner knows of my past, but I told him they were rumours and because I’ve lied to him he’s starting to doubt me.

How do I deal with my trust issues?

I have stopped trusting many people. I feel many people do these sort of things and never even repent.

Can I trust him and give him another try?

I love him and he is the father of my child. And in heart he is a good man but I don’t know if I ever can trust him.

How can I get my parents to trust me again?

I’m 13 years old and my parents don’t trust me anymore. I also can’t stop watching pornography.

Should we get married?

I pray regularly and seek forgiveness from Allah and I always feel guilt, but I really need advice on if I’m wasting my time or not.

Wife does not spend her own money.

Even after three years I do not know her salary. Can I ask her where she spends her money? Can I refuse to give her money?

I suspect my wife of being unfaithful

She said she got an STD from using the dirty toilet. My suspicion is that she might’ve had sex with the handyman. I have no proof but I can’t live with her with doubts in my mind.

my life to hard to live any more. tell me what to do?

I trusted someone without knowing that what wrong it could bring me. I was so blind and I did worse, worse with myself.

Rebuilding the love and trust in the marriage

I have lied, hurt (emotionally scarred and physically hit my husband), disobeyed and disrespected him to the point that he has given up. He doesn’t love or trust me anymore and I can’t blame him – I’ve done so much wrong to him. He has been contemplating divorce for some time, but I think that he is waiting this last time to see if I will change and stop doing the same things, while preparing himself to move on in the event I do not change.