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I didn’t disclose my correct age during Nikah. Is my Nikah valid?

I don’t know how to confess the truth to him. I am scared that I will lose his trust and love. I cannot imagine what my life would be like at that point, and wish Allah gives me death instead.

Does Allah reveal the truth one day?

I just want his mother’s lie would be revealed. Does Allah punish them for doing such things to me and my family?

I lost my virginity, I regret it.

I met this guy, he says he loves me and wants to marry me but in condition that he get married twice. I told okay but he told me I have to tell my family so I get what I deserve because he doesn´t wana lie to his family.

How to trust my wife when she has lied to me?

Aslaamalaikum brothers and sisters,

I am a Muslim man and have been married for 2years now. When I married my wife I knew about her past as she had one boyfriend and we talked about it before we got married and it was dealt with.

Half a Virgin

He was my first boyfriend, and at this stage I was very naive, foolish, unknowledgable about the whole dating process, and was somewhat heavily influenced by his lifestyle. Due to my naivety, I am scarred by certain things he made me do, which i realised later are considered to be major sins in Islam. After research, I can say with deep repentance that I am half a virgin.

Should I be honest during the courting period even when I have sinned?

I have a problem which make me to think all day and night. I have been in a relationship and we had decided to marry each other. We did something which were sin and I did those only because I was sure of my decision and wanted to marry him.(I’m a virgin and didn’t lose my virginity but he has touched my body and I did so with him).