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Guilty by association?

So you might be wondering why I’m hesitant if he has all these good qualities. Well, when I stayed with them when I was younger, his father used to molest me. If I have hate, resentment, anger, and lack of forgiveness for anyone in the world it’s for that human being. To me, he’s the definition of evil.

Cannot decide on two proposals

Adnan came back to me and asked me for marriage. I agreed, and his mother met my family. His mother has already started shopping for the wedding. Yesterday Kashif’s mother called me and apologized to me for her behaviour and asked me to marry Kashif. Now I am very confused, and don’t know what should I do.

Is it alright to consider two marriage proposals at the same time?

I received a proposal and we’re trying to convince my grandfather. Meanwhile my parents got another proposal for me from a different family. My parents’ opinion is whatever comes through first, they will go with that.