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I don’t find her attractive

Deep down I know that divorce should really be the last resort but can anyone in light of what I have disclosed advise me?

Is it mandatory to get married in Islam?

The problem is that now I don’t want to marry- the reasons being that I don’t want to be insulted again and I still love the same girl. I don’t feel the same way about anyone else and I kinda hate girls now; I don’t want any of them now.

He married me for my money.

He is basically money minded and wants to become rich very soon. When he spends money over me he feels like his money is getting wasted. He tells me he is facing loss because of me, and that I am giving him trouble in his life.

My husband is very distant.

Although we get along quite well and i do feel that he loves me, there is an emptiness in our relationship since we are never intimate with each other. I believe that I lack the level of attractiveness which he desires as he has usually visited pornographic websites, websites of escort girls Etc in the past. I spoke to him about it and he appologised sincerely.