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My husband doesn’t seem to care about me

Can my husband become caring loving husband ever? can this marriage be saved?

My husband never spends time with us

I feel like am wasting my life with him. I just want to be happy and I want to be able to share my life with someone who cares for me and appreciates me in his life.

Chronic health problems and marriage problems

Wth all this on my shoulders i dont know relly what to do about my relationship with my husband. At present his trying his best to help me by helping me by giving me the chance to rest, getting dinner ready etc though he has to say things like ufff , again, basically macking me feel like a burden. he is also trying to listen to me but still dosent know much about my illness and probebly won’t be able to learn as there’s no literature about cfs/ m.e. in his language . It’s not good enough for me to explain to him either as i don’t think he relly trust wait i say?! i feel he still dosent understand me and dosent know me and and are hearts/soul is disconnected.

Is divorce a solution for a loveless marriage?

In the past I would cry, send him links to Islamic talks on marriage, suggest counselling and have even threatened to leave him.. he would change for a few days and go back to his old ways. Now I don’t see any point in all of that. It’s no use trying to make someone love or value you. He is not violent or verbally abusive — just dismissive and he is a good, loving father to his children.

Marriage and depression; can’t take emotional devastation anymore

It is the little things, him not doing house chores, not remembering things I ask for. I want to go back to school to finish my Masters but since I had a baby it seems out of the question with him, even though my mother lives very close by and is willing to watch her.

Finding it hard to forget and move on the early years of our marriage

i really feel bad and im really sorry for all the people ive hurt intentionally and unintentionally. please can anyone give me any good advice on how i can make my husband be more supportive and loving for the sake of our dunya, graves and for the sake of our akhira????

Want brother-in-law to move out so rest of us don’t suffer but husband doesn’t understand

Please give some advice, we were a happy family before all this happened now I am just reduced to tears, my husband shouts at me when there is not enough food, when I don’t take child to bed because I can’t because his brother is always hovering around all the time!

Interfering and bad mouthing in-laws; I am getting divorced.

My husband and I are now getting divorced has he cannot put me and his children first because his family mean more to him than we do. I am so upset by all this, I’m heartbroken and feel so upset for my children. When I married I wanted it to be for life.

I am pregnant and my husband seems so angry with me all the time. Please help

i just need some help form the muslim community as anyone i ever spoke to from who i used to be , just said leave, divorce, separation and i am willing to do everything i can before i even consider this step. please bear in mind i love him very much. i am just tired of his behaviour.

My husband doesn’t love me; spends more time with friends but if I leave he cries and begs me to stay.

A couple of days ago, I got fed up; I moved to a separate bed but in the same room and he got really angry that I moved back. He no longer cuddles me or even just a peck on the cheek. My husband was born Muslim but never reads Namaaz. I am not saying I pray 5 tmes daily (make dua for me) but I try to pray daily.