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Friend considering ‘suicide’

Can someone please tell me what to do or how to cope with this? I don’t want to wake up one morning to the news that he has gone ahead with this, if that IS his TRUE intention.

Under pressure to divorce my First Wife

Now my family has asked me to choose between my first wife and cousin wife/ family. They want me to divorce my first wife though she has done no wrong to me or to them.

I don’t think I want to marry him….should I do it to make my parents happy?

I tried to share my concerns with my parents… the last time I did, I got bruises. They won’t break the marriage off.

Happily engaged, now forced to marry someone else!!

I wanted to know if a man and woman happily get engaged, should either of them consider someone else for marriage if their parents/guardians or ANYONE else tell/force them to?