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Alcoholic and cheating husband

My husband loves his alcohol and loves trying out different girls… he has beaten me up a lot, tried killing me a few times, treats his kids badly…

Husband ignores me

I have told him on different occasions if he doesn’t want me to let me know so we can both live our lives – me and my children are suffering.

Husband is cheating me…

He’s again cheating me. I don’t know what to do…

Cheating husband and unsupportive in-laws

He’s cheating again. I can’t stay this time but feel guilty for leaving too because of the kids. I’ve told his family but they side with him.

Cheating bisexual husband

How can he love me and cheat? He has no respect for me.

Married to an unfaithful bisexual man

Under the circumstances what are his rights over me? Am I still obliged to live with him as a wife? Or because of this fraud he has lost rights?

To Know Whether to Continue Marriage After Istikhara

My first istikharah reassured me to still keep my husband, but what were shown to me in real life were another zina…

Convert married to Kaffir

He is physically abusive… He continues to do drugs, spend all his time with his friends, fight with me all the time, throws my past in my face and makes no effort to change. He calls himself a Muslim.

Unfaithful husband won’t divorce me

So here I am in a marriage against my will. My patience is at an end. He refuses to Divorce me.

Unfaithful husband and no intimacy in our marriage…

When I was getting married I was so elated and wondered – dreamt a lot about my future. Now all it went opposite. Everything is upside down.