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My husband and in-laws abuse me

Due to their physical and mental torture I lost my baby. My mother in-law blames me that I killed my baby to fulfill my sexual desires.

I’m very upset about my husband’s behaviour

Is it wise to stay with my husband and pray for him to get better and caring, loving husband for me or is it wise to take divorce and move on?

Forced to marry my cousin

I was forced into it and I didn’t lie or hide my feelings from anyone. They don’t understand I can’t force myself to be happy.

Disturbed and unable to accept this marriage

But I am in constant touch with the person I wanted to marry. I betrayed him myself and now I cannot go along with my husband. I just don’t love him, I cannot stand him..

I want to be free from this marriage

I just wanna kill myself sometimes… I want my partner and parents stay happy. I just don’t wanna cause any of them in hurt.

My husband hit me for smoking

I pray regularly and give charity and zaqat on time. I make an attempt to not lie and protect my baby from modern fitnas. To my knowledge I think smoking is one of my few vices.

Confused about seeking Khulah

I have discussed all these issues with him a million times. I have tried to convince him with my loving words to warnings of leaving him, but nothing has changed him in these years. I feel that he will never change, and I will live this miserable life for ever and ever. When I discuss it with him, he simply proves that these things are only in my head and have nothing to do with reality, and that he loves me a lot and is sincere with me.

Unhappily married to an older man… feeling trapped.

Our views are worlds apart. As a wife I should love, but I just can’t.

Did he marry me so I can serve his mother? Why am I being treated this way?

Does he not wish me to come to his country? Did his mother marry him so I can serve her? I don’t want to spend a life like this.

Please help me im a revert, my husband won’t divorce me and feel so depressed?

Im young under 20, I fell pregnant and married the father. I took shahadah only to marry him and not for myself. I didnt really have any idea how much my life would change. I was interested in islam however I was no where near ready..