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I married the wrong woman

I let myself get carried away by external beauty, and got confused with the idea of marrying a muslimah and make my parents happy, and in the process gave away the pious woman Allah had sent for me.

This marriage is ruining my life…

My husband is unaware I was blackmailed into this marriage. I don’t want to fake happiness when I am unhappy from inside.

Is it ever going to be alright?

I got engaged to my boyfriend 10 months ago, but we are recently facing a lot of problems in fact the same problems we had prior to our engagement.

Abusive and Unhappy Relationship

I constantly think of when I married my wife. How I wish that I had that time again and I would have chosen differently… For me now there is no way out…

Love or no love? Is this right in Islam?

My husband was refused a visa where we met and now is in a different country, where he has another woman and she is going to be his wife. He asks me for money and I got upset… he asked me for the rent where they are going to live together!

I had an arranged marriage and don’t like my husband

I have been married for 3 years. It was a arranged marriage. My nikkah took place 3 months before my ruksati. Right after my nikkah I got to know my husband and didn’t like him. I have dreams where I see myself in love with other men…