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How to treat unIslamic parents that practice black magic?

I am a Roman Catholic woman who has been best friends with a Muslim man since we were children. Four years ago, we started dating. I moved abroad and the first year of our relationship was a long-distance one.

My husband does un-Islamic things, while I fear Allah

i need help and advice regarding my partner. we married in jan 2003. since then i have a 5 yr old and 5 mth old. i want to raise my children islamically. im finding that my other half is doing un-islamic things like not agreeing to send my son to learn quran, always putting tv on, putting music on in the home, not praying.

all this astaghfirullah i didnt notice until i got pregnant with my daughter. i started to practice my deen more, but he started to come home late, he got married to another woman without telling me.