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Struggling with University, is this Allah’s plan?

Is this what Allah planned to happen to me? I don’t know what to do.

Marriage or studies, which comes first? I fear for my deen but don’t want to displease parents.

Shall I just take a gap year and work for myself to get married asap even though it would displease/anger my parents and have them thinking I dropped out from university?

I Feel I’m Becoming Something I’m Not

I cannot remember a day when I was happy and smiling… I feel I’m becoming something I am not!

Stress is eating me from inside, how do I handle this?

I just feel so much negative is happenning around me that I have no time to catch my breath and say elhamdulilla. I just try to pray, and while praying I find myself just crying. I don’t want to study engineering, but im doing it for my parents’ sake.

He promised to marry me but married a lady who threatened to accuse him of rape

He says that the girl he has married under pressure is five years older then him and was a drug trafficker (which slipped from her tongue once) and probably was not a virgin (Allahu A’lam) I would have no problem to share my husband with a second woman as its allowed in islam but she is westernised hell, abusive, and i doubt her faithfulness.

Half a Virgin

He was my first boyfriend, and at this stage I was very naive, foolish, unknowledgable about the whole dating process, and was somewhat heavily influenced by his lifestyle. Due to my naivety, I am scarred by certain things he made me do, which i realised later are considered to be major sins in Islam. After research, I can say with deep repentance that I am half a virgin.

Unrequited love making me think twice about my advice

Assalamualeikum, I’m a teenager heading off to university this month and for the past 3 years Ive known a girl who has been involved with another boy. I have feelings for her but she can’t return those feelings because she has already committed to her boyfriend. She has told me several times that if he wasn’t there or if he didn’t come into her life before me she would have been with me and not him.

Will Allah accept my dua to study psychology?

Assalamualaikum, am 18 years old and inshallah i hope to go to university to study psychology. I always pray to Allah and ask dua for this. I have never lost faith in Allah. Last year while doing my AS level, I had really wanted to study medicine, but unfortunately I had got low marks in one subject area.