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Boy’s father disagrees to our marriage

Is it right to listen to a man that has always been brutal to the women around him? He destroyed his first wife’s life, and she almost committed suicide twice. My boyfriend’s father uses religion as an excuse to break families- including his own. He has even brainwashed the older brother who is on drugs to talk ill about me. My boyfriend told me yet again that he has to sacrifice for his father, and he will.

Is my dad right, or am I? Should I apologize?

My father lost his temper with the family and with me, but now he wants me to apologize.

Father always rejects marriage for me and now I’m 29

I have a choice to stay single for the rest of my life, and hope that someone comes and asks for my hand, he has good religion and manners, he knows my father, and if not then I stay single. Or I can leave and get married and lose an entire family for the rest of my life.