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“I do”, or set him free?

am a Christian who unintentionally fell deeply in love with a Muslim man. We knew each other for almost 2 years, and spent a lot of time together. He wanted to marry me from the very beginning, but I told him to wait because we have enough time to know each other more everyday. The second time he asked me I got so confused, with a lot of questions in my mind.

In need of istikhara advice

I need istikhara from you brothers and sisters who have experience in such cases…

Is it worth it getting married?

When I witness or hear couples that are married, it makes me not want to get married.

Unsure about my marriage

I feel stuck. I am in love with him but I can not see a future with him as the father of my future children or even as an ideal Muslim husband.

Should I marry her or let her go now?

I love her a lot and don’t want to leave her but still I can’t trust her at all. What should I do?

No matter what I do, she still wants to marry me!

I lied to her that I’m going to USA for education, expecting that she would stop this persuasion as I am leaving. But she made more efforts, and got a scholarship at Stanford University, and broke her marriage with another guy which was forcibly fixed.