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Need advice about my engagement

I don’t want to upset my mom but at the same time I don’t want to waste my time.

Should I take a chance with this man or not?

We have talked for at least two months, he seems to be a good guy as far as I can tell.

Marriage proposal

Overall the guy is great with a good personality however he has bad habits which I was not given any information about.

Complications in marriage even after istikhara

I want to get married but I don’t know if he is the guy. Although he loves me a lot I sometimes think he will not support me when I will need him.

Is it worth it getting married?

When I witness or hear couples that are married, it makes me not want to get married.

How do I know if Allah wants me to marry him?

We met online and he asked me to get married. Because of circumstances we cannot meet face to face unless we are going to get married so meeting before we say yes is out of the question.

I have to decide between two proposals…

I don’t rely on my own decision making because I have made some not-so-great decisions in the past.

Have I made the wrong decision?

I was arranged marriaged to a cousin. After marriage he ran away in the UK somewhere. I met my boyfriend a few years later we have had child through IVF conception . But I still not Islamically divorced from my arranged marriage husband.

The only thing holding me back from accepting his proposal is his lack of education

My mother just told me that this winter when we go to Pakistan she wants my nikah to be done. I know who the guy is and I have known him and his family since about 1994 if not earlier. We grew up togather and I am best friends with his younger sister. His entire family loves me. As for him, Im pretty sure he likes me- we get along, talk etc. The only problem is education. I only have 3 more semesters left to get my BA (USA citizen) but he didnt even go to college. Other then that he does have a job in Pakistan and people are just naturally attracted to him (meaning he is really outgoing etc).