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Will I become a virgin again?

I am worried if my hymen will still be intact after the abortion process…

Too late for abortion, what to do?

My Hindu girlfriend is pregnant and now it is too late for abortion.

I’m 17 and I’ve had an abortion – I regret it so much!

My husband made me pregnant. He went with me to the hospital and I got an abortion. I feel so bad about it and I regret everything. I feel I am going crazy.

I got a girl pregnant, what should I do?

I had an affair with a girl. Later I found out she got pregnant and had a baby. What should I do now? And whose fault is it?

Need advice on giving up child for adoption

I am Muslim, 21, studying in Australia. I knew a Jewish girl, 19, for last three years and I committed “zinna” with her and I don’t know why I did that. May Allah forgive me for all my sins; I just don’t feel right at all. I left her because I felt sorry for what I did and break up with her 4 months ago. Yesterday, she told me that she is nearly 5 months pregnant of my baby.

Abortion Regret

I have two children, a boy aged 14 & a girl aged 8. I was pregnant recently and I had abortion because my husband didn’t want it.

what do i do? i got a sikh woman pregnant

i feel like i am damned and there is no way back for me. i am a muslim man and was dating this sikh woman for 14 months. i have broken up with her but now she has contacted me saying that she is 6 weeks pregnant and is definitely keeping the baby. I dont […]