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Foreign Marraige to obtain citizenship, what does Islam say?

A Muslim man married me and deceived me by using me to get citizenship.

Marriage and abandoning a poor girl

She has been left stranded and he won’t give her divorce. He has misused nikah for his personal gains.

Help – my husband has used me!

His and his parents’ intentions were to use me and to benefit from my American status. They want to use me for their selfish fantasies to live in America.

Help and advise regarding marriage

I’m feeling like a used up toy…

He used me and left for his mother

i commit suicide for him, he call my mother, my mother got angered and shouted on him to become good man. he turned his phone off and after a week he said he got engaged

Abandoned twice and heartbroken

I am sharing my story so that people can learn from my past and mistakes…

Betrayed and cheated. Please help!

He wasted my time and took my money (a huge amount) and played with my emotions and feelings. I am so deeply hurt.

I am in love but am I being used?

I believe people should be together with the end goal of possible marriage, NOT casually dating merely for the satisfaction of desires. I don’t want him using me because he thinks I’m some new doll to play with in the meantime.

Can’t get over the fact that he played me

I had a relationship with this Muslim guy who happens to be my friend of 9 years and it lasted a month..but I”m emotionally damaged and very much ashamed of myself that I went into a relationship trusting him so much.

Married, pregnant and abandoned by my husband

I know suicide is haram but what should I do, I have this SNAKE baby. I can’t sleep, eat, am a dead body walking around. I dont want to keep this baby, for it has same blood as him. I need answers. Why did this happen, after all we did for him. His name is S.S. from Brooklyn New York. Why did he do this to me? Why did he use me? Ya Allah why? Why? I can’t move on. I can’t.