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Does Islam permit working in real estate company that takes loans on interest?

Please give me clear and authenticated views on which bases I can take decision.

Financial worries

I am hearing bank loan is haram, but what can I do for now?

Burdened by debts

Now the debts have become so much that I am not finding anyway to pay it. My life has become a living hell.

In debt and surrounded by non-practising in-laws

There is no barakat in my house and I try to keep my children away from it but I can’t. I’m struggling…

Trapped between the risk of zina and usury

I think Riba “Usury” is a bigger sin but think I should get married then start paying off loan, what do you think is best?

Would a bank loan be permissible in this situation?

My son had an accident. He is in hospital. I’ve spent a lot of money on his treatment and the hospital requires more money.

Torn between supporting my family and avoiding haram work.

My family taunts me for not taking responsibility. My decisions are wise in front of Allah but unwise in front of those on the earth and among me.

Want to save money, but rent is Haram?

I want to start saving money, for example: If I wanted to open a savings account which has 2% rent each year and I wanted to open it with 10.000 euro. that would give me each year 200,- euro extra. But as I have heard and read is that in Islam rent is haram, so if that is true I cannot open this account or save, how can I then invest money?