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Is my marriage valid?

I have been a Muslim for 4 years. My first marriage failed. I was proposed to again by a man but we had a nikah which I think fulfils Islamic Shariah ….

How to have a valid marriage as a second wife

As-Salam Alaikum,

I am a Sunni Muslim and I hoping to become a second wife soon inshAllah. But, I am concerned about Nikah because I do not know the full rules and regulations of it, as I keep reading different things on different websites and I want my marriage to be valid- is there anything you could forward me or suggest a source to me, that explains all the mandatory requirements for Nikah?

Husband is not attempting to consummate our marriage

My husband and I have been married for a few weeks, but he has made no attempt to consummate the marriage. He is affectionate in other ways, but says he wants to get to know me better before we consummate.

Married to a Pakistani and his family dont know. Will his family reject me as I am dark skinned?

He treats me how a husband is supposed to treat a wife but i am still scared that one day he will leave me, since i have been told and reading that pakistani families look at the colour of the skin. I am brown skin (olive) in complexion and he is very light skin. He has told me that nobody can make decision for him since he is independent.

Unlawful marriage? Complicated situation.

After conversion I rushed into a marriage with an Algerian brother. I married him somewhat unwillingly but wanted to please others who were pressuring me to accept. We got married in Algeria and consumated it there. Later, I returned to the US to file for his visa but there were too many problems and we decided to get a divorce before he had a chance to join me here in the US.This is where it gets confusing: I was recently contacted by the former brother and he said he never actually filed the paperwork and he wanted to go forth with it now. Am I divorced?