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Was my secret nikah valid?

I have moved on and now I want to marry another man. Is my first nikah valid? Or can I proceed with my marriage?

Secretly married…

We did nikkah in presence of a wali and two male witnesses but I do still have doubts.

In this case, is a secret nikah valid?

If he reveals his Nikkah in the country, his own sister’s and niece’s marriages will be in danger. But he is ready to repeat nikah with witness once both will reach in third country.

Is nikah valid if you don’t know about pregnancy?

I had sex with her couple of nights before and on our wedding night as well but we both are not sure when did the pregnancy take place.

Was this nikkah done correctly?

Aoa, I have a friend, and she was in a relationship with a man. Today she had nikah with him without her parents’ consent. She is asking whether this nikah is legal or not. The man and molvi were seated separately. They say they had all vows done, and there were witnesses from the boy’s side […]

Is Civil Marriage Mandatory in U.S.?

I think he would be willing to convert, and that it would not just be for me. Here is the problem, if we got a civil marriage, both our benefits would be cut, and we could not live here any more. In fact one couple among our neighbors divorced so they could move here! As long as he takes Shahada sincerely, and we have the correct number of witnesses and a proper contract, is it absolutely necessary to have in addition to nikah, a civil marriage?

Does pronunciation affect the nikah?

At the time of my nikah my father pronounced the boys(grooms)name incorrectly and then he corrected himself and pronounced it correctly.Just wanted to confirm is that an issue?