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Unbelievers marriages – Are they always sin?

Are unbelievers’ marriages with other unbelievers not valid? (meaning all they can do between them is sins?)

My husband converted but now does not believe that he is a Muslim; Is my nikah valid?

If I carry on living with him, is my marriage valid? Am I living in sin? Please could you explain to me how and what should I do. What options do I have? Does he need to convert and believe he is a Muslim for my marriage to be valid?

No dowry, is my marriage still valid?

My Imam informed me that my husband would have the right to receive back my dowry (mahr) if I went through with the divorce. When the Imam asked me what my dowry was, I told him there was none. Actually I never was asked for my dowry price nor was I allowed to set it.

Is Marriage Whilst Pregnant Valid?

I got married recently but my wife was pregnant at the time. Is the nikkah valid? If not what would you advise?

How to have a valid marriage as a second wife

As-Salam Alaikum,

I am a Sunni Muslim and I hoping to become a second wife soon inshAllah. But, I am concerned about Nikah because I do not know the full rules and regulations of it, as I keep reading different things on different websites and I want my marriage to be valid- is there anything you could forward me or suggest a source to me, that explains all the mandatory requirements for Nikah?

He was breastfed by her stepmother, is their marriage haram?

A friend of mine is married to someone who was breastfed by her step mother. It’s all most been 40 yrs since they’ve been married, they have kids and grand kids.

Husband is not attempting to consummate our marriage

My husband and I have been married for a few weeks, but he has made no attempt to consummate the marriage. He is affectionate in other ways, but says he wants to get to know me better before we consummate.

Her parents refused, but we married anyway, is it valid?

We’ve both loved each other for 10 years. When her parents came to know this they started torturing her and treating her as servant and preventing her from going outside and from studies etc. They spoiled her career.

Is my nikah real and my child halal?

I am in a relationship with a married man, and have a child to him. We had our nikah done when I was around 6, 7 months pregnant although we did not sign any documents because legally he is married islamically and an English marriage too. I am worried that this wasn’t a real nikah as there are no paper documents to prove it.

Nikah Mu’tah (temporary marriage): is it forbidden in Islam?

I am 5 months pregnant with my first child and I live with the baby’s father, however, I am afraid that we are not “officially” married. We have what many Muslims call a Nikah Mut’ah (temporary marriage).