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I did a secret Nikah over the phone

I married a guy without thinking it through, and now regret it.

I didn’t disclose my correct age during Nikah. Is my Nikah valid?

I don’t know how to confess the truth to him. I am scared that I will lose his trust and love. I cannot imagine what my life would be like at that point, and wish Allah gives me death instead.

Please help me?

My family knows now about this and they don’t approve it saying where is the proof to this marriage and also they said how can they let this happen?

Not sure of the validity of my marriage

We hastened to prevent sin. Have I been foolish?

Nikaah invalidation?

She was provided incorrect information about his mental health… does this make her nikah invalid?

Is his secret marriage valid?

My brother married the maid. His wife doesn’t know and they live in one house. The maid is now pregnant. He said he will divorce the maid after she gives birth but will still provide expenses for the child.

Is nikah valid if the girl is not willing by heart?

My parents did my engagement with my cousin. I refused them even at engagement that I don’t like that person but they insisted. Now my marriage date is fixed. I want to know that will this nikah be valid?

Can they re-do their nikah in secret?

He had a proper nikkah but it was forced upon her by her family. Now after 1 year they have a doubt that probably Allah didn’t accept their nikkah.

In this case, is a secret nikah valid?

If he reveals his Nikkah in the country, his own sister’s and niece’s marriages will be in danger. But he is ready to repeat nikah with witness once both will reach in third country.

My nikah was done without me, is that valid?

It has been 3 years that I am married but in the recent two years I am very confused about my nekah. Before my marriage I did not know my husband and had never seen him.