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Not sure about my virginity

I’m egyptian muslim (20 years) my parents are really stricted, and i am engaged (with no previous realationship).

But I like him and I begin to love him, he is very kind respectable religious guy.

And he believe that he can’t touch me until we are married (wedding after I finish my collage 2 year left)

Its the second time I’m engaged, actually the disaster is I used to masturbate when I was a kid till I was 19. First I didn’t know that is masterbation and I didn’t know its haram (forbidden) and many times the masterbation makes me bleeds .

I cannot accept that he has been with other women before

Salam, I had recently gotten a proposal by a Muslim man, and we had gotten to know each other for nearly 2 yrs, and had planned on getting married this year. He had told me that he was virgin when we both started to know each other, but now he tells me he had commited Zina whilst he was young, and told me he didn’t want to tell me as he knew I would get angry and not accept him.