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U.S. citizen married a Pakistani but the U.S. won’t let him in

I am 7 months pregnant, and I have to go to the US for my delivery. But since my husband didn’t get his visa approved on his interview day, I might be leaving without him. Therefore I am leaving next week, but like I said I still have my hopes high and hoping that he gets his visa approved in a day or so so that we can go together.


What is the interpretation of my dream?

i had a dream and i want to know the meaning of my dream can some one tell me please what does it mean really. well i am trying to get my wife visa and i have already did all the paperwork and they have received them.

My husband wants a second wife because of my absence

I have to stay in my sister’s house and hide for I don’t have any residence visa anymore because I choose to follow what my husband told me. To resign from my previous company where am I working and he will come out after few weeks only and he will make my visa. Almost 2 years I am waiting for him to come out but still he didn’t make my visa. So I left the country and went back to my country to see my family and to fix my visa. When I came back to my husband’s country I was been hold by immigration for 4-5 hours just only then I learned that I have life time ban… I caught my husband chatting with other woman and telling them he’s single and he’s looking for serious relationship. Then I asked him why he’s doing this he told me he just gets bored at home alone… he send me SMS telling that he will get married and that’s it… Is it because of my absence physically that make him do haram things? All of this is my fault?

Absent Husband

My husband took a voluntary departure 3 years ago. I stayed with him in his country for over a year. When he thought he was about to get his visa he sent me home. My parents paid for all of the travel expenses. He did not get a visa. I have not seen him for almost 2 years. He does not work or make any effort to come up with money to bring me there. He seems only interested in the visa.

Does he want me or a visa?

About 15 months ago I met a charming man from Morocco online. We had so much in common, seemed to get along great & shared a lot of the same values. We discussed everything freely. We were simply comfortable like we were friends our entire life. For me, it seemed like I was in love after our first conversation. We have spoken almost everyday thereafter.

Should I leave my daughter in the UK and go with my husband to Pakistan?

My husband’s Visa has ran out and he is my carer and social services refuse me help. I will not have anyone if he goes, my family are busy and too ill to help and I have M.E. a serious condition. I can only walk ten minutes outside home.

I need Islam to rescue me, but my Mother won’t accept me becoming Muslim or my Pakistani Internet love

I am confused about what what to do. I am a weak person and I know that without his help, I could never change myself and guide myself towards islam, since I am dependent on my mother and probably always be. Shall I leave my mother and sister for our ‘relationship?’ If my mother stops our plans of him coming here and then moving to his country Pakistan, I don’t know what to do.

He financed his wedding with my money

I met a man who was a potential business partner. He declared that he had feelings for me. When I sent him money for a business deal, he used it to finance his wedding to someone else.

In love and confused. How can I understand that muslim man?

I fell in love with a muslim man. He came into my life when i even couldn’t suppose it. I was in difficult situation that time because studing in foreign country- far away from my family and friends, so i was forced to trust only myself and people who didnt know at all.

I realized that after that time of my education will finish soon- 3 months after met him, everything will be normal again,I will come back to my country. So I believed that time was not good for emotionally engaging.

Parents are objecting to this marriage and I am running out of time

I am in dire need of your duas and help. I love this boy who loves me too. My parents are objecting. His parents have agreed. I waited 5 years for him to come down to this country and he has been here for 2 years and now his visa is expiring. I have been on lock down for a year. I really need help. I love him so much.