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I want to marry him, but he is avoiding me.

I don’t know what to do – to wait for him or to let him go?

I haven’t heard from my muslim husband in days

Earlier this week he dropped me off at my mom’s house. The ride there he told me to trust him and I’d understand later.

Afraid of istikhara

If it goes negative will I not be able to marry him?

My husband has OCD

Every girl dreams of a perfect marriage, if only I could tell every dream comes true…

We’re from different sects

His is an orthodox family… They have met me now and still oppose a marriage. How long should I wait for him?

Why does it take so long to get something from Allah?

I am a woman who faces so many dangers in life. I believe God saved me several times from that dangerous situation. But when I want to getting something immediately, then it becomes too late and after many days I MAY get what I asked for. My question is here:  Is Allah testing me, or am I a bad […]

Is waiting the right thing to do?

When the 6 month was over and we approached my father to tell him, he said flat out no. Because he said that that first love wasn’t reality and didn’t exist. I was heartbroken. I loved Hamza and the only future that I envisioned for myself was one that he was in. So please should I stay with Hamza?

The Less Religious she Gets the More Worried I am about Getting Married

The story begins many years ago when I had become friends with a girl in my class. We quickly became good friends but because of the religious difference between us, we were friends and nothing else.