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If we marry openly, her ex will come for their daughter!

If the brothers know she is getting married to an Indian, they will refuse and the news will reach to her previous husband, causing her to lose the 3 year old daughter. In this special case, can the judge or imam act as her Wali for nikkah?

My father was absent due to which my nephew acted as my Wali

During my nikah my father was not present but my nephew (above 18) acted as my wali. My sister arranged my nikah but she didn’t inform my parents of the date and time of my nikah. Since I didn’t know that only my father can be my wali I didn’t say anything.

Want to get married but have family responsibilities

I fell in love with a guy it was a pure feeling from the beginning. He supported me through all my ups and downs. We wanted to marry each other from the beginning. It was a long distance relationship mainly because he studied away from home..we called each other and hardly met… Now as he has finished his studies and wants to marry me as soon as possible… I can’t be so mean to ignore the needs of my siblings and desert them by marrying…and also I cant wait myself for such along time without marrying..

No Nikah, but my Wali signed the documents; Is my marriage valid?

I am legally married to a man in a court. The marriage ceremony was done in a proper way. It was performed in the presence of my parents, a lady who performed the vows and the whole family as witness. The lady who performed the marriage was not a Muslim but was a qualified Justice of peace.

Parents refusing marriage because of race, can the Imam be my wali?

He’s a good guy. But my parents won’t agree cause I’m Pakistani and he is Bengali. My question is, can I go to the mosque to get married with 2 witness as THE IMAM BEING MY WALI?

Questions about getting to know someone for marriage and matrimonial websites

I would like to know the proper islamic way to get to know someone for marriage. Would it be ok if parents involvement didnt come until your SURE its what you want? Would it be ok to meet in a very public place, like a Coffee Shop, just to talk and get to know each other?

Who will be my wali if not my father, who wants me to marry a non Islamic man?

I don’t mind getting married at 20 but NOT WITH HIM, i tried and tried and tried explaining my reasons to my parents they dont care because they say that they want to guard their honor and if i say no their honor (izzah) will go. THIT IS SO NOT TRUE. I cry like nearly everyday, pray every day and make dua that Allah to send me someone who is pious because he is the provider and I know that Allah will send someone who is pious inshallah.

Should I inform my parents that I got married or should I wait?

During my stay to the middle east last year I met an Arab man with whom my entire life changed. I was more practising, commited and genuinely a better person than I’d ever been. His family accepted me, and we eventually got married without the permission of my parents.

Can I marry without my parents’ consent?

I am an 18 year old revert of 3 years and I have met a brother that I would like to marry in sha Allah. He has asked them about marriage and they have refused, telling me to complete my university degree, begin a career and then they will consider it.

I want to marry a woman who is orphaned, and has no wali. Is this permissible?

I am looking to get married, but the woman I wish to propose to has been orphaned, and has no siblings and no grandparents…