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Marriage, dowry, and on the wedding night…

I would like to know few answers on questions about marriage…

Groom couldn’t afford walima

The bride’s family asked us not to worry about the expenditure – they will take care of it. Is this allowed?

Do we really need Bidai for our nikah to count?

We are not living together, like we aren’t married. He is like a ghair mahram to me, as my parents instructed. And my parents also said without bidaai after nikah in Islam we are not allowed (Haram) to stay together. Is it really true???

Sex on the very night of the marriage or before Walimah?

I want to know whether it is compulsory to have intercourse on the night of marriage or before Walimah? I heard that if there is no intercourse between the couple before Walimah, the food of Walimah is haram for people to eat!