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Am I doing the right thing? My wife and I want a child and this seems the only way…

I have decided to marry a second woman without a child, medically capable of bearing a child. She would be bearing my child for us which will be raised by my first wife. There are no compulsions at all if my second wife would want to meet or want to see her child. We can have more who shall be solely taken care by the second wife.

We’re having problems conceiving a baby

My husband’s semen count is very less. I don’t know what to do.

Is my husband using me, what should I do?

He is a very ambitious person and very focused on his future, but I feel that ultimately I am not a a part of it even though he says I am.

Husband does not want to have children yet

I think he is not completely honest with me, and has some medical condition which he is not sharing with me. We have not come closer yet (no intercourse) and he refuses to get any tests done.

I need a baby! Please make dua for me

I have been married for 3 years now, and i have just recently started trying for a baby it hasn’t been that long really and i know sometimes it can take time and sometimes without realising you can just get pregnant..

Is egg donation allowed in Islam?

Doctors said my chance to have babies is less than 1%. Egg donation would be for me the best solution as I could still grow my husband’s kids. To me it is almost like – if not better than – adoption as the husband can have his own children…