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I’m his secret second wife, and I want out!

I’m probably very selfish, but I do not accept his wife…I can’t accept her. Why? I’m born in Europe, from a Christian family, and as you know we don’t accept many wives. I’m not ready to accept her, and I will never be. I don’t see her as a sister. I’m depressed, I cry a lot, and I cant stand this situation any more.

Khula from the first marriage and getting second marriage

He refuses to divorce me. I want to marry another man. How do I send him a khula?

Do I divorce him or not?

I don’t have choice than to work abroad. Being away from him, I feel like I’m free. I wanted to divorce him but at the same time I don’t want to hurt him and my kids.

My husband cheats on me!

I hate him for lying and cheating and breaking my trust over and over again.. And I want to get a divorce coz I’m not happy. I feel like a door mat, a puppet..

A forced marriage – A living hell

My husband knew that my parents are forcing me but still without any mercy he married me. My marriage is like a living hell.

My wife is pregnant and I want to divorce

Can I take divorce? Do I need to return all the money what they give me? I have so many problems and she don’t understand me at all and I don’t like her – I just had a physical relation thats it.

Unsuccessful marriage

He gave me mental torture. He was jobless. His habits are unbearable for me. He lies, he just say he loves me but he does all the things for his children.

Can I divorce my wife without having intercourse with her?

I married 2 years before but we do not do intercourse with each other. I want to divorce her.

Can this count as divorce?

Can this be understood as divorce and that we are no more husband and wife as we are not staying together since last 6 months?

Abandoned by my non-Muslim husband

How can I divorce or free myself? I intend to remarry if given a chance.