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How can I get our marriage back on track?

This year has been very torturous and painful. A lot has happened. She left home and never came back…

My wife won’t listen to me anymore

I wanted my wife to leave her job as it has been creating issues in our marriage because she’s always tired, but her mother has said to me that she will not leave her job and if that’s the case then she will not tolerate this for her daughter. I have a young son and I am not able to see him. I love my wife and want her back, and always gave her everything she desired, but her mum has influenced her and she has become very hurtful towards me.

how to patchup a relationship broken from my mistakes.

Now when I’ve realized I was wrong and I should mend things, she is done now. She left me and broke up so bad that I’ve been trying for the past week to convince her to give me one more chance, but she won’t agree and told me to f*** off. She told me she hates me, and said “you can’t make up for the 2 years you threw me away took me for granted”. Only ALLAH knows I’ve changed and realized my mistake and how every moment I was wrong. I want my chance to solve everything and to make her happy and mend things, but she is not agreeing.

Secret marriage with unknown witnesses, is it valid in Islam?

Well, she was sick of the situation and decided to walk out. No khula or talaq took place, but she married another man in front of the world and announced her wedding with him.

How to bring my Love back

My name is Faizan, I am from india, my question to all of u is that how do i bring my love back..