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How to regain trust?

His friendship means everything to me. I just want his friendship and trust back.

How Allah will forgive me for my sins, how I will get back my love.

Please help me. Please pray for me that Allah forgive me.

Divorced but can’t get over my ex husband

I’ve been divorced for 7 months now. And I’m still not able to forget him… I feel like ending my life.

How to come out of tension?

I know everything happens for your own good…

Ya Allah help me get him back

Allah has blessed me with good looks and good health and a good university degree i am what many might call “have it all” type of girl yet i feel so empty without him.

My parents are asking me to choose!

I love my parents I want to make them happy I do not want their curses but at the same time these 3 months without him has never been harder…

Can I propose to a rational agnostic person?

I’m pretty sure if I talk to him and propose him he’ll come back… My question – is it a right thing to approach him? Can we both get married?

End of a serious relationship

Now my mind started to thinking bad stuffs such as doing black magic and to get him back… He made promises by Allah’s name! Do you think Allah will forgive him if he doesn’t get back with me?

I need a dua or tadbir to bring him back

My bf was cheating on me. He involved his parents and left me. He’s with that girl now.

Regretting breaking my engagement

Now I am regretting it with thoughts of no one will marry me… putting more problems for my parents having to find a new guy…