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Seeking advice regarding relationship

His friend saw me and said something to him and he left me. I asked for the reason. He said “you’re not as beautiful as I thought”.

Broken Engagement….advise needed desperately

I feel like if I pray to Allah to change his heart and make him love me, He will. Does Allah invoke love in someone’s heart for you if you pray for it?

To get my love back…

He lied to me and broked up. So i wish he feels guilty for that. And he comes back in my life.

Need a wazifa to get my fiance to come back

One week before the engagement he told me and my family that he is not able to digest the fact that I had intercourse with my ex boyfriend and he is breaking the relationship…

He’s abandoned me for a kaafir!

He helped me until the abortion but now he says he doesn’t love me but he wants to marry me later.. Maybe because of that kaafir girl..

Question about love and istikhara

He said he asked Allah if marrying me will be good for his life and hereafter. But since he had a bad dream we cannot continue our relationship.

I want to get back a lost proposal

Things became hard and I lost this proposal. I want to get back the same proposal. Please pray for me and tell me wajifa.

I left him; he’s moved on; now I’ve asked for a second chance.

I was craving this love I had missed over the years, and finally made a decision to move back in without telling my husband. Obviously my husband was heartbroken and he begged me to come back. I refused every time. Now 17 months later, I have realized what I did was wrong. I do truly love my husband, and I have asked him for a second chance.

Should I accept he is gone?

I was in a relationship with a guy for two year, at the same time he was in relationship with another girls for 8 years, i know about other relationship but i still won´t give up because i love him so much.

Converted to Islam but can’t get over my ex

I converted to Islam very recently but I can’t get over my ex. it’s been 8 months since we are apart but my feelings for him still here… i dont know why i still cant forget him… i still love him & i want him to be back in my life but i dont know how to start a conversation with him.