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I love him but we have sinned

I still feel so in love him though he has told me it is over and he no longer loves me or cares for me.

Falling for a married man

I do love him a lot, but I am honestly very afraid that Allah will punish me. I’m not sure what to do …

Leaving for the sake of Allah

The thing is I’m worried he won’t come back to me… The wait is long, and I miss him a lot…

Is this lust or love?

Is it ok to ask for the person you like to be your life partner in both the worlds in your duas?

My parents think I’m too young to get married

Besides I have an elder cousin who isn’t yet married and my family believes in proper sequence.

Confused and heartbroken…

If allah forgives again who will wipe my tears, who will answer my love, my pain in my heart? It’s just unbearable.

Does he love me? Does he really want to marry me?

He talks to me about getting married, he said that his parents would love me as his wife. But I am afraid my parents won’t allow.

Any wazifa or dua for my situation?

I love a guy who was my friend’s ex. My liking and now love has increased day by day.

I’ve fallen in love

I know my mum would never agree as I am only 19. His parents would also not agree…

Dua for getting married to the one I love?

Is this wrong to pray for their breakup and his marriage with me? Please tell me some duas…