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Addicted to zina, want to change, want to repent help me

Please help me, give me a better solution.

I want to return to God but keep on going back to my non-muslim boyfriend

I was very young and foolish. I’m still a fool. I even wouldn’t understand why a muslim women couldn’t marry a non-muslim man. Now I do, as I wish I could pray behind my husband and teach the islamic ways to our future children.

Please Help Me

I really really want to change. Can someone please help me and give me advice?

Help me become better – multiple problems as a Muslim

I am so afraid that I will not have enough time to do good deeds that will make up for all the bad I have done..

Rebuilding the love and trust in the marriage

I have lied, hurt (emotionally scarred and physically hit my husband), disobeyed and disrespected him to the point that he has given up. He doesn’t love or trust me anymore and I can’t blame him – I’ve done so much wrong to him. He has been contemplating divorce for some time, but I think that he is waiting this last time to see if I will change and stop doing the same things, while preparing himself to move on in the event I do not change.

I want to be a straight muslim man, please help me.

When I was a little boy of just 2 years I lived in a large compound with a lot of neighbours and friends sometimes we even regarded each other as siblings.I was raped …

My past is ruining my future

I had a boyfriend for 2 years, n then we broke up, it has beeen 1 year that we have been apart but i still cant seem to move on from him n i can take him out of my heart, he hurt me a lot and i know that i should hate him but i dont instead i make dua’s for his helath and happiness..