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I delayed intimacy with my husband due to my in-laws but now regret it

Although we have moved out of my in-laws’, I still think about how much pain they gave me, and how they wronged me. This is affecting my marriage.

Fasting and conception worries

Is it permissible for a woman to skip fasting to get pregnant?

Suffering from Depression and Anxiety

My anxiety and depression get worse and worse with each passing day. I feel like I am dead inside.

My cheating husband’s lover is abusive to me

I believe that my marriage is not finished. There is something missing which I need to fill and be fulfilled. He knows this and he wants to have a baby with me. But with the pregnant woman there, and right now I am back with my husband, what I should do? I love my husband. I want to guide him to Islam and show him the right path, but the woman is too much of a distraction.

I’m young and pregnant: Help me sisters and brothers!

Can I marry my partner even though I am pregnant (I always wanted to get married; was just waiting for him to become stable)? Shall I just marry and keep the baby, although I’m so young? Or shall I terminate this pregnancy -and I don’t know know if it will help- and leave my partner?

I dont know what to do about my posessive mother in law

My mother in law is very possessive… even the servants are rude to me. It’s now my fault that we are unable to have kids… it’s Allah’s will so what can I do? I think if artificial insemination fails they’ll divorce me.

Is Insemination at home permissible in Islam?

i am a pious and religious lady who believe in the oneness of ALLAH(SWT). i have been married for the last 7 years and me and my husband love each other and have no problem with in laws whatsoever ALHAMDULLIAH..

Is there a dua to get pregnant

My problem is that it’s been 6 months i got married. i am trying to conceive but invain..
i would like to know isn’t there any jadoo or any other hindrance?