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Is our relation haram?

I am in a long distance relation… we have deep feeling and high respect for each other.

When to stop making dua?

I have been making the same dua for months now with no progress…

I want to marry her

Please tell me a dua that will get me and her back together and married asap. And we will be happy again and not have any issues.

Should I marry her or not?

I want to marry her with 100% acceptance. She also wants to but the memories he had given her, and I have not… are still stopping her.

I need to marry with her – please help me out from this problem

My friend committed Zina with his cousin brother’s wife… is it possible for him to stay with her with the permission of his cousin brother?

I feel that I lied to my mother

I have proposed to a girl…. I see no reason why this girl should be penalised for what her own mother has done in the past.

Why did we kiss?

i dont understand why… i mean i prayed to ALLAH that dont let us kiss

Confused – why won’t they accept me?

I want to marry her… but she always says her family will never agree for me.

Hindu boy Loves a Muslim Girl…

Everything is perfect, but I love my family and don’t know how to convince them..

16, in love, and trying to stay on the straight path…

I really like this girl. I’m avoiding the whole girlfriend/boyfriend path as it’s haraam. I do dua that in the future I will marry her. Will Allah make this dua true?