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I don’t know what to do next. Please help me!

Everyday I cry and pray to Allah to just get her to love me and agree to marry me.

She left me but I still need her

I couldnt bear it and I informed her father that I have been loving his daughter for the past 6 years… Her father started beating her up and took her mobile and other ways of communication out of her reach.

Should I tell her parents that we had oral sex?

She has left me without any reason. I don’t want her to do dishonesty with someone else. And now I want to marry her if she will accept me I will marry her as soon as possible.

She changed my life and madhab… Now she’s left and I want her back

How should I tackle my family when they mock me that I have changed my way of praying because of the girl? And what should I do about my girlfriend? I can’t forget her.

Can I marry my cousin’s daughter?

I love the taqwa in her, that’s the reason I want to marry her. Can I marry her? If yes, please give me a daleel (proof) from any hadees or Quran.

I want to marry her but she does not love me.

I want to ask does our religion permits me to get help through Islamic ways that can make her feel love for me back and accept my marriage proposal instead of wasting her time in dating relationships. She has good qualities as a Muslim and she even makes me a better Muslim when am with her, which is why I can’t afford to loose her.

I want to marry a girl but her parents don’t agree to our marriage.

I am in deep trouble these days, don’t know what to do? Please help me. I can do anything for her; I can improve my colour,take my career in good way. I pray, read Quran and pray to Allah to forgive my sins and help me in getting married with her. Is it possible. Can Allah help us?