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Is this punishment?

I broke a vow. Now I am broken. Many times I have thought about suicide…


Is it inappropriate or sinful to dream about someone you love as your future husband?

I can’t marry the one I love – Muslimah

I need advice, because while Allah swt is answering my prayers and Duas, I still feel lost and afraid.

My parents have decided on a proposal for me but my heart is unsettled

Am I destined for hell if I refuse the proposal my parents have chosen for me?

Will I ever get him?

He’s the only guy I want to marry…

I think He Is the One, But…

I feel immense happiness when I see him and sit with him as I feel he is the only way out of my life and depression.

Brother will never accept the person I want to marry

One day my brother caught me talking to him and he went crazy and told me he will never accept him…

His mum won’t agree even though I am willing to convert

She has not met me at all. She has told him that he has to marry his cousin and leave me.

I like a man for marriage but he doesn’t know me

What should I do? Should I get married other man or waiting for the response of Allah. But if I wait till when?

Need dua and wazifa

Can you make dua for me? And guide me if I can do all wazaif together?