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I had zina with someone I love… after 2 months we had a serious fight and he is now refusing to get married… I am depressed and devastated I don’t know what to do next?

Heartbroken and abandoned after two abortions for him

I did a great sin by killing my children but he is enjoying his life after leaving me in this pain. I love him.

What to decide in this situation?

I am in love with a non-Muslim but he is not agreed to marry me but says he loves me.

My parents are asking me to choose!

I love my parents I want to make them happy I do not want their curses but at the same time these 3 months without him has never been harder…

I miss him every single day

His face is haunting me every moment.

Love without Marriage

I still talk to him, but I want to do this the right way. I want for both Allah and my parents to be happy with my marriage, but because of Shaytan, its hard for me to just stop talking to him.

What is love exactly? How to face love failure?

He always looks at me very angrily. I thought I have not done anything wrong. I like him, inshallah in future he will be my husband but now everything has changed.

What do I do to make him want to marry me?

I met one person as a friend, and now I feel he is the best person for me. But he only likes me as a friend.

I love him but I fear ALLAH

I love him and I want to marry him with Razamandi of ALLAH and my parents. I don’t want to anger ALLAH.

Desperate in love

I am in love with my cousin but he doesn’t even know. I cannot live without him but my other two cousins like him as well.