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Khula from the first marriage and getting second marriage

He refuses to divorce me. I want to marry another man. How do I send him a khula?


Parents forcing in to marriage

Whenever I tell them I don’t want to marry him, my mother starts humiliating me… They care about their honor.

Please Help Me? Forced Into Marriage..

My brothers or family don’t listen to no one and my older brother is willing to kill me and go to prison for 30 years these are his own words so it makes it very hard for me to even do anything when I’m living in this fear 24/7 of being killed at any time by my own family.

My parents want me to marry my cousin… who’s my ex.

He is not a good person. I know it’s all punishment of my sins which I have done in past but I want to marry a good human being and a good Muslim.

I’m engaged but want to marry someone else

For my parents I got agreed… Now I found a person who likes me and really respect me… now what can I do?

Married but not happy

I recently met this woman who I originally wanted to marry, and she has serious feelings for me even after 20 years. She is married and has two children, but also has problems with their marriage. I would like to marry her, but can’t due to her being married already. Is there a solution as to what I can do, as I am extremely unhappy.