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I can’t take twice the shame!

I don’t want to go bak home divorced again. Whenever I want to be with him and spend time with him, he makes excuses. I wanted to kill myself, but it’s haraam. I now want to leave my son with my family and go live on welfare somewere. Anyone know where I can go?

How to get rid of temptations for this other man when my husband curses and ignore me?

My question is how can I stop my temptations? I want to just run away with this man and just have him by me. I feel like I think of him more an more everyday. I don’t know if this is love or is it lust? I’m lost and I’m a good Muslim-ah until this man came in my life over Facebook.

I can´t see the point of being alive anymore.

My mum also constantly puts me down and makes me feel like a piece of crap and it led me to stop eating properly. I was a UK size 8 before and now I don’t even fit properly into a size 6. Being thin is the only thing that gives me satisfaction now.