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Mom stopped me from texting him

I know texting him is a sin. I shouldn’t even be speaking to boys, and maybe I am young, but I know I love him. He loves me too, so why won’t my mom just let me marry him? She told me that no matter what happens, she’ll never let me marry him. She said she’s going to choose a boy for me, just like every other mother would; but where’s my say in that?

I need to marry because of fitna, but my parents won’t understand.

Why am I having this test? I cannot control myself anymore. I stop watching porno for a week, then in a day I watch more than 10 times until I feel so tired and dirty. I don’t know what to do. I pray, but it seems Allah does not accept my prayers. I always ask Him to make me forget about the porno, but nothing happens. From the other side, something inside my head tells me: Watching porno is better than you losing your virginity.

I am made to feel so ugly due to my deformed nose

I cant bear to look at myself in the mirror, I hate my photos, and have developed a kind of social phobia and lack the confidence to speak to a potential spouse because I feel ugly, even though I dont think I look as bad as I feel.

Is Nikah between shia and sunni haraam?

am a Sunni girl and in love with a guy who is Shia! My family would say yes on only one conditio: if a nikaah between Shia and Sunni halal?