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I really want her in my life

I cannot live without her I am not strong as she is. I feel that my life is just ended up…

Correct version of Wazeefa?

Please I need correct words for wazeefa…

Planning to get married, need a wazifa for good luck

I am going to get married in 2 months…. but am very worried about my future and married life…plz suggest me some dua or wazifa for good luck and happy married life.

Wazifa to Lose Weight

Kindly help me to get slim, I need a powerful wazeefa, can anyone help me?

I need a wazeefa to convince my parents for the man i love

I’m so so worried from last four years, I’m convincing my parents but they wont agree for that guy just because they are strangers. He belongs to a good reputed islamic family, his parents even proposed but my parent dont want just because they are strangers and it will be called a love marriage which will make them feel insulted in family.