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Calling fiancé via web cam

My fiancé and I live in different parts of the world. Our situation makes it hard to meet.

My husband keeps cheating on me, how can I forgive him?

Just before our wedding, my husband physically cheated on me, he apologized, said it was stress due to his mothers alcoholism so I forgave him. However, throughout our marriage, whenever I went on a holiday to see my parents, I found that he spoke to women online etc, but I have forgiven him every time (4 times till now).

Feeling guilty and hypocritical after exposing my body online

I made a mistake and have been feeling extremely guilty ever since. I met a guy online and one thing led to another until I showed him some parts of my body online, and he did too. I have repented to Allah but I can’t seem to forget about it and it’s making me feel dirty and disgusting all the time.