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Can I marry my wife again?

I’d really like to have a wedding with her parents and our Muslims friends.


We have just a few days left before his engagement…

I want to marry a boy..

The problem is he is way less than me as in status.. my parents will never ever let me marry him.

Marrying same girl twice

I suggested that we conduct the wedding in both places… They are doubtful whether it is permissible in Islam.

A question about wedding ceremonies

Is it ok to have on one day boy wedding ceremony and on another day of walima his sister’s wedding?

Marriage problem

My mother has refused to do marriage with her but girl’s family is still willing to do and they are waiting for my decision.

A Muslim male and a Christian female

Is this ok in islam??? Will the male be committing sin for participating? And also would be wrong to attend a wedding like this if you yourself are muslim?

He divorced her for no reason

She was about to come back to her husband’s home when, to her shock, just 2 days before her departure her husband called her up and divorced her on the phone without any valid reason. When asked, he said his parents didn’t want her anymore. During her stay away from her husband she tried calling her father in law, but he didn’t respond to her calls.

He’s changed after nikah, but we’re due to get married in 3 years – how will I cope with his anger?

I wouldn’t have had any problem if he got angry once every week but he gets angry almost every second day which has made my life hell. And then he is like I’m fed up of you, you don’t seem to understand me, you never listen to me.

Should I go ahead with the wedding?

We are getting married in the local mosque, but we are not registering the marriage in the register’s office because he is scared someone will find it out. Therefore, the marriage will not be legal, although for me it’s perfectly ok to be married in front of Allah the Almighty. But the thing is, he keeps being scared of reactions from his family over in pakistan, people losing respect for him, and repercussions against his siblings whom he feels responsible for.