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We both are married but we still love each other and been intimate together. Please help

Until one day, I decided to marry the girl I just met, thinking that the other one is so far from me and long distance relationship most of the time don’t work. Then she couldn’t believe that I got married; she cried I caused her pain which she carried out for years. Even if she really loves me, she doesn’t like to be my second wife. And sometimes she have the guts to ask for a divorce. Until one day, I received a divorce agreement from her family, asking me to sign the papers. Yesterday, she got married and I told her, just pretend that you have your monthly period to avoid having intercourse and tell him that ramadan is also coming. The main purpose is to avoid confusion later on if who’s the father (if she will able to conceive).

Could someone advise me regarding my daughter’s choice of boy for marriage?

He was very short and skinny whereas my daughter is very tall and healthy. It would look very odd, to which she laughed. May Allah forgive me; This guy said that he doesn’t need my permission and he will go ahead with his family and marry my daughter.

Father abusive behaviour toward family and difficulty in finding a decent proposal for sister.

My mother is not given her right to say anything in major issues of family and part of the reason of my sister not getting married is the interference from my aunts (father’s sisters). The reason is that my aunt wants to give her daughter to my brother. She probably views my sister as a thorn in her daughter’s side.