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What should I do?

I fell in love with a senior in my school.

So worried and scared. I need advice.

I am scared of my sins being exposed. Someone found out and I am scared she will expose me. I can’t eat, sleep or work.

I need advice about this meeting

I decided to do istikhara prior to getting closer to this person and taking things more seriously…

Wife lied to my family to get Nikahfied

I am looking to get some advice on whether I should continue this relationship namely to proceed with a rukhsati or divorce her.

2 weeks pregnant

I told him I can’t abort. I’ve done so once before in the past and I repented and till this day it haunts me no matter the reasons i did for it to be done.

Istikhara meaning and interpretation

From the very beginning I have been having problems with my husband. We just don’t have the love between us.

Love him but he is not religious

He said he will try to learn and change but somehow i have this annoying feeling that won’t go away that he might not be the one.

Marriage Istikhara

I saw good things… my mother saw some good and bad things… another member in my family saw some good and some bad things – what should I do?

Baby out of wedlock

If I leave my home to be with my baby I won’t have my family’s support. If I give my baby up for adoption it will kill me…

What does Islam tell Wives to do in this situation?

Should I stop being affectionate and back off? Or should I continue being humiliated while I try to show him affection?