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Abusive In-Laws and Husband. What to do?

Should I get a divorce? Because I’m afraid if I go back things will only get worse.

Trapped between the risk of zina and usury

I think Riba “Usury” is a bigger sin but think I should get married then start paying off loan, what do you think is best?

Pregnant out of wedlock by Muslim man

am 22 weeks pregnant with his child. My situation is very sensitive and I’m not entirely sure on what to do.

Fighting is tearing my husband’s family apart!

They are blaming me for everything and are spreading false accusations about me amongst their relatives. I’m really hurt by this. I always wanted to settle the dispute between them.

Married, but separated.. Need advice!

Could this be a sign from Allah that I’m doing the wrong thing by separating from him?

What should I do about talking to my future wife?

With the passage of time we have evolved a strong relationship and sometimes, some times we both cross the limits a little bit in terms intimacy over phone.

I regret what I have done but I still love my girl

Should I force her to marry me because I believe marrying some other girl is like cheating that girl. Or should I tell the other guy who she’s in relationship everything and ask him to leave?

What should my next step be?

My grandmother, aunt and many other members of my family see me as a very bad person and feel I’m trying to hurt my family and most are not even speaking to me anymore. I’m not sure what other decisions or steps that I can take.

I loved him and I miss him

He treated me like a fool. He said he loved me too. Made serious commitments even.

Can I trust him and give him another try?

I love him and he is the father of my child. And in heart he is a good man but I don’t know if I ever can trust him.