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I want to restore my family’s honor… But should I tell him about my past?

He knows I am divorced that’s all. I am very fearful of telling him that I was married to a white man. I feel my past will never leave me alone.

Black and white in a dream

Does anyone know what does it mean when someone sees you in a dream wearing white, but the other people are wearing black? -amen

Worried what my parents will think about white Muslim husband to be

ssalamu alaikum,

I’m from the UK and I need some Islamic advice on marriage, I’m not going to make it long so basically, I met this guy when I was 16 and he was 18 and he is white and recently converted to Islam, and we met each other through our friends we used to hang out and that’s how we met really.

White British male atheist 42 wanting Muslim girl 22

I am a white British man aged 42, an athiest and working as a senior manager for local government. I am seperated from my wife and have two lovely children. Six months ago I took on a beautiful 22 year old Bangladeshi girl to train within my team, for me it was like love at first sight!

Muslim revert in love with Pakistani Muslim, do I have a chance?

Salaam all, I am a revert to Islam, and have been for the past 2 years 🙂 I am still learning so much, and everyday I am inspired more and more. I have recently met a guy that encompasses all that I want from a good muslim husband. But he is Pakistani and I am white…