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Guilty by association?

So you might be wondering why I’m hesitant if he has all these good qualities. Well, when I stayed with them when I was younger, his father used to molest me. If I have hate, resentment, anger, and lack of forgiveness for anyone in the world it’s for that human being. To me, he’s the definition of evil.

Cannot decide on two proposals

Adnan came back to me and asked me for marriage. I agreed, and his mother met my family. His mother has already started shopping for the wedding. Yesterday Kashif’s mother called me and apologized to me for her behaviour and asked me to marry Kashif. Now I am very confused, and don’t know what should I do.

In love with two brothers at once but I want marriage without falling into sin. Really confused!

what if my coworker asks me to marry him, should i marry him knowing that i am in love with another brother. i can imagine my coworker with someone else but with my schoolmate i can’t see him with anyone else. but his feelings i can’t even tell, and so i am one confused sister!

Family will disown me if I choose an Arab, so who do I choose?

I have been with someone for many years and we decided to get married and are really happy. Keep in mind I began talking to this Palestinian man when I wasn’t religious and as time passed I am more religious and do my best to keep it this way. He was never religious and still isn’t but with my help he is learning to change and is a really nice guy…